About Us

I was first diagnosed with depression and anxiety back in 2009, not long after the birth of my first child. It’s been a long and hard journey ever since, filled with a few ups and many downs.

Depression has cost me my career, my marriage and my quality of life. It’s also cost me quality time with my children that I can’t get back.

There have been some days where I can’t get out of bed due to my depression, and other days where I can’t leave the house due to my anxiety.

I’ve been on over twenty different anti depressants and anxiety medications, with varying degrees of failure. I’ve been hospitalized six times. I’ve tried ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy) and TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation). I’ve done a lot of work with my Psychiatrist and my Psychologist as well as a lot of reading of psychology and mindset books, which have helped a lot.

I am not a medical expert and have no formal qualification, so what I share on this website is from my own personal experiences and the opinions I give are my own. Not everyone will have the same results as I have had and not everyone will share in my opinions.

But this is my story and these are my experiences, which hopefully will be of benefit to anyone who stumbles upon my little corner of the internet.

Throughout the website you will see links to other sites. Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning I will get paid a commission if you buy the product through my link. This helps me to keep the website running. I also don’t recommend products that I haven’t bought and used myself.