am i depressed or lazy

Am I Depressed Or Lazy?

We all have our moments where we don’t want to get out of bed or we confine ourselves to the couch all day. Some days, no matter how many other tasks we need to get completed, we just can’t seem to bring ourselves to do anything. Eventually after repeating this process several times, we might begin to wonder – am I depressed or lazy?

What Is The Difference Between Depression And Laziness?

Experiencing a lack of motivation?

Don’t want to get out of bed?

Feeling low on energy?

These are all symptoms of depression. It can be difficult to distinguish the difference between these symptoms and laziness. While laziness is not a symptom of depression (although sometimes it can be mistaken as one) it is a personality trait. Usually depression is related more to an inability to perform certain tasks or take care of ourselves, while laziness is more of a choice not to do it.

It is not uncommon for others to view people with depression as just plain lazy. Although not particularly fair, it does make sense given that someone suffering from depression will struggle with motivation and be withdrawn a lot of the time, making it appear as though they are making the choice to be lazy.

This is a dangerous way of thinking and doesn’t help the person suffering from depression and it also discourages them from seeking help, as it is being reinforced to them that they are lazy and not depressed.

It is important to look at other signs of depression and if you are suffering from more than one of those symptoms then you may be depressed rather than lazy. Your doctor can make a full diagnosis, so if you are wondering then you should arrange to go and see your doctor and discuss it with them.

Symptoms Of Depression

If you find yourself suffering from these symptoms then you should consult with your doctor as you may be suffering from depression rather than laziness.

Having a low mood and feeling sad – if this is the reason for not wanting to do your usual tasks then it may be depression.

Physical aches and pains – back pain, neck pain, headaches and general body soreness may indicate depression.

Short tempered – if you are unusually short tempered and more easily triggered than you used to be then you may need help for depression.

Not finding joy in anything – failing to find pleasure in the things we used to enjoy can lead to a lack of motivation and could mean you are dealing with depression.

Daydreaming – Are you spending excessive time disconnected from reality and dreaming of a better life to get a small sense of joy that you are not otherwise getting from life? This could be depression

Not taking care of yourself – If you find yourself no longer caring about your looks and presentation and skipping things like showering or brushing your teeth, it is a tell tale sign of depression rather than laziness. Simply no longer caring about personal hygiene indicates you are withdrawn and struggling to do basic tasks rather than being a sign of laziness.

People are worried about you – If your friends and family have noticed a change in you and are concerned for your wellbeing, then that indicates depression rather than laziness. If their reason for worrying about you is due to changes rather than an attitude that has always been there then it shouldn’t be mistaken for laziness.

Feeling tired from basic activities – If you are spending excessive amounts of time in bed or on the couch because you feel tired and exhausted, then that is closer to depression than laziness. A lazy person would make the choice to stay in bed or on the couch, whereas a depressed person would do it because they feel run down and unable to do anything else for themselves.

Drinking excessively – just like with daydreaming, if you are drinking excessively to escape the reality of your life then it could mean there are deeper problems and a potential diagnosis of depression.

Gaining or losing weight – A person with depression can have a decreased appetite or lack the motivation to prepare themselves a meal and may subsequently lose weight because of it.

At the same time, someone with depression may find comfort in food or start eating too much of the wrong foods and end up gaining excessive weight because of it.

Excessive use of social media – This is another form of escaping reality. Investing your time excessively into social media helps to avoid dealing with the reality of depression.

Final Word

It may be laziness or it may be depression, or it may be a little bit of both. Sometimes, and especially to others, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two of them. It’s important not to believe it when other people tell you that you are lazy. You know best. You also know if any of the other symptoms of depression are present and you also know if this so called laziness is a new feeling or an attitude that you have had for a longer period of time.

Before I was diagnosed with depression I had gone from working 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week, to being so tired that I had to take a nap 3 times a day. I knew within myself that this was not normal behavior for me, and coupled with several other symptoms of depression I decided it was time to see a doctor about it.

In the end, I encourage you to see a doctor to determine if you are lazy or depressed, especially if there are other signs that you may be suffering from depression. Your family and friends do not have the expertise, training and qualification to decide for you, whereas a doctor has the tools to make a formal diagnosis. They can then guide you on the steps you can take to start getting better and get back to a normal life.

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