Destroy Depression system review

Destroy Depression System Review From A Real Buyer

Destroy Depression by James Gordon is a 7 step guide on how to treat depression and anxiety naturally, without the use of costly antidepressants, psychiatrists or other expensive treatments.

It claims to use tried and proven methods and strategies to help you to treat depression naturally and also to cure depression naturally. This is a massive claim and raised alarm bells for me. I didn’t think this course was going to live up to its claims, but I had nothing to lose so decided to give it a try anyway.

The products website claims that “you can destroy your depression, end your feelings of sadness and hopelessness and get your life back” all without expensive medication and treatments. Pretty big claims right there, but are they accurate at all?

I don’t believe in writing fake reviews without having bought and used the product, so I ponied up my hard earned cash and bought the course to see if it would help me in my long fight against depression and anxiety. I figured if it helps just a little then that is a bonus, and if it doesn’t help at all well then I could get my money back (the product offers a 60 day money back guarantee). Keep reading to the end of this review to get my personal opinion on Destroy Depression.

About James Gordon

James Gordon spent years fighting depression and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). He went through the cycle of prescription medication after prescription medication until he’d finally had enough, walked out of his doctor’s office and began his own research. This course is the result of that research and helped him to cure his depression naturally. Just reading through the system, I can tell you he knows what he is talking about and I can definitely relate to what he says.

What you get

  • Destroy Depression e-book

This book covers the 7 step method for treating depression and also some other mental illnesses. It wouldn’t be fair of me to the author to disclose what the 7 steps are, as you will need to buy the course. I can tell you that they are all proven steps with plenty of research to back them up.

  • CBT workbook and tools

This is a detailed guide on understanding and using CBT to overcome depression.

If you are new to CBT here is a brief overview of what it is.

It’s not the event that causes our reactions and emotions, but how we interpret that event. CBT will help you to analyze and reframe your reactions to more healthier responses.

For example, you see someone on the street that you know and they don’t say hi or acknowledge you. The depressed mind may start having thoughts that the person doesn’t like us, we’re not worth the time to say hello to or that the other person thinks we’re boring. This just perpetuates the negative thoughts in our heads which leads to more negative thoughts and assumptions.

By challenging these thoughts and thought processes, we can significantly reduce the negative thinking and not see all situations and events as bad or negative. A healthier way to view the above situation would be just to assume that the person didn’t say hello to us because they didn’t see us.

Over time and with practice, we begin to challenge our thoughts naturally, and find that these situations no longer make us feel worse or enhance our depression and depressive thoughts. In a way we break free from the cycle of negative thinking and stop reinforcing those negative beliefs to ourselves.

  • Depression free Mediterranean diet e-book

A comprehensive guide to which foods to eat and diets to follow for better mental health

  • Goal setting workshop e-book

Another comprehensive guide, this one about setting and achieving goals to take back control over your life. Having goals to work towards is an important aspect of treating your depression.

The course covers a lot, but in my view it is written in an easy to follow format and broken up into sections to make reading it easier (I usually have trouble concentrating for long periods of time).

Click here to download Destroy Depression

Pros and Cons


The price – I would pay more for a months supply of my antidepressant than what I did for this course. I also got a lot more out of this course than I did from a months supply of antidepressants! As well as that, the information and strategies I learned will last me for a lifetime, unlike my antidepressants.

The format – As I said earlier, it’s all set out in an easy to read and easy to follow format, broken into sections for easier reading. I struggle a lot with concentration, but I had no trouble getting through the guide in one sitting with a 5 minute break mixed in.

It actually works – Even if you just followed the 7 steps in the Destroy Depression e-book, you can expect a reduction in your depression symptoms. I know this for a fact because I’m following the strategies successfully. There is also plenty of research to back up the effectiveness of these strategies.

No side effects – That’s a big one for me. I usually seem to get the worst of the side effects with traditional medications, so not having to deal with those is an absolute blessing!

The CBT workbook is worth the price on its own. It is a powerful and long proven method for fighting depression without drugs. When combined with the main e-book, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to expect to see excellent results.

Money back guarantee – They are so sure of the products success rate that they offer a no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee. I can almost guarantee you won’t need it though. Generally when a product offers this sort of guarantee, they are not expecting many people to need a refund, because they believe in their product.


It still requires you to make an effort. You are not going to be cured or see an improvement in your depression symptoms just by reading the book. You need to follow through and take action. There are no magic pills when it comes to depression, just sustained effort. Even if it is just a little effort every day, then it is a step in the right direction.

The methods in this book are not new and can be found online with a bit of research. However, all of that information has been compiled in one easy place here and the methods have been proven many times over. I found that the way the methods are taught in this system makes it easy to understand and more importantly, easy to put into action.

Click here to download Destroy Depression

Destroy Depression System Review

Destroy Depression definitely gets a two thumbs up from me. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of money on Psychiatrists, Psychologists and medication, and I didn’t get nearly the same value for money as what I did by buying this course.

I know the 7 steps work because I use them to help reduce my own symptoms of depression, and I know that CBT works because I’ve done a few courses on it while I was in hospital (it was a guided group CBT with a trained Psychologist, so they ran us through what it is and how to use it, using our own real life examples). Of all the treatments I’ve used for my own depression, CBT is one of the absolute best.

This course guides you through the CBT process, explaining everything as it goes so that you will have no trouble putting it into action for yourself.

The Mediterranean diet ebook was a very nice bonus to have. There’s a lot of information out there on which foods you should eat, including information on this website, and the author has condensed it all into one easy to follow book.

I honestly can’t speak highly enough of Destroy Depression. When I first read the sales page I thought it sounded a bit hyped up and too good to be true and was doubtful of the claims they made, but after having gone through all of the course material I can tell you that they back up all of those claims with the information they provide you.

It really is a no lose situation. If you buy the course and decide for some reason that it is not for you, then you can make use of the money back guarantee and get your money back. Having bought it and gone through it myself, I can tell you it is unlikely you won’t get anything out of this course and you won’t need to claim on the money back guarantee. That’s just my opinion though, you will need to try it for yourself to see if you have the same opinion.

If you are ready to buy or want to read more about the product on their website, then please use this link to find out more.


A bit of time has passed since I originally posted this review so I thought I would share an update with you. I am still following the system, and I still go back and read the ebook again every few weeks so the information stays fresh in my mind. I’ve been using the 7 steps and CBT and so far I’m doing better than I ever have in the last 10 years. I am still medication free and feeling confident that I can stay that way.

I still need to improve in some areas, particularly diet. I also aim to walk every day, but there are the occasional days where I don’t get out. Overall, I’m feeling pretty good thanks to this system. I am finding that using CBT has become easier the more I use it. At the start, I really struggled with applying it consistently, but I stuck with it and it has gotten easier over time.

I still say Destroy Depression is the best system I have ever come across for fighting against depression.

Please note – the product links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you make a purchase through that link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and helps me to keep the website running.

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