manifestation miracle review

Manifestation Miracle Review

I’m a bit of a sceptic, but I tried Manifestation Miracle anyway thanks to the money back guarantee. I’m not expecting much, but I will commit to following what it teaches. Keep reading my Manifestation Miracle review to see how things turned out for me. For reference, before reading the course I knew next to nothing about manifestation and the law of attraction and using them to have a better life. So I was kind of a blank canvas, but biased toward believing that it all sounds a bit too good to be true. Despite that, the only way to give it a fair review is to actually follow the instructions and stick with it so I did exactly that and put my initial judgements aside.

What Is The Manifestation Miracle?

Manifestation Miracle is a course that is designed to teach you how to have the life you dream of, starting right away. It is a step by step blueprint that teaches the law of attraction and destiny tuning so you can connect yourself to the life you want to have and the person you were meant to be. Often it is only at the end of our lives that we look back with regret and wish we had lived a life closer to who we wanted to be and who we wanted to be known as.

It goes into detail about the strategies that successful people use to achieve the life they want. The course mentions people like Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carey and Lady Gaga as people who have used the techniques to achieve their dreams. With a bit of research, I found that the techniques and strategies are not new, and have been used in various formats for many years by other successful people. This course just puts all of the information together in a simple to follow and simple to implement format. It also gets its own unique spin by Heather Matthews, who is a certified life coach so she knows what she is talking about and has the experience to back up what she claims.

To me, this all sounded a bit far fetched. But I committed to doing it anyway, as there was nothing to lose and it was worth a shot. Some elements of the course are related to things I have written about on this website to help with my depression and anxiety, like gratitude and mindfulness. I know for a fact personally and there is research to back it up that gratitude and mindfulness definitely improve your mental health as well as your overall wellbeing.

Who Is Heather Matthews?

Heather Matthews is an internationally recognized life coach and energy consultant and creator of the Manifestation Miracle program. She has helped countless people turn their dreams into reality regardless of where their life was at beforehand. She was battling depression and anxiety before turning things around in her own life by using the law of attraction and destiny tuning.

How Does Manifestation Miracle Work?

Manifestation Miracle works by using destiny tuning, which is the process of tapping in to your real self so that you can then manifest your truest self and dreams into reality. It will help you to live a life that is true to yourself and what you want out of life, rather than living a life that others expect of you.

The main course is a 162 page book which guides you through everything you need to learn and understand to put it into action. It is a fairly easy read, and all aspects were explained thoroughly and in terms that were easy to understand.

The course is broken up into 5 parts, with multiple chapters covered under each part. The parts are:

Part 1: You are destined for success

This part gives you the introduction to how everything works and fully explains destiny tuning and the law of attraction, and how they fit into the system. It also helps you to identify exactly what you want and who you want to be, and how you can get in touch with that part of yourself.

Part 2: Getting in tune with your personal destiny

In part 2 we learn how to tap into what we have and what we learn in order to manifest the life we dream of. It gives real and actionable strategies with which to follow and implement.

Part 3: Raising the roof with your energetic vibrations

Part 3 explains the power of affirmations and how to use them along with the mindtracks (included in the course) to tune in to your affirmations and make them a reality. I especially liked the sand, pebbles, stones analogy on page 124.

Part 4: The happiness factor

As the name suggests, this part covers various different strategies for how to achieve your happiness right now. Some good strategies are offered in this section and the topics covered are explained well.

Part 5: The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

This is the shortest part of the course, consisting of 3 chapters. They are manifesting the rabbit and other advanced magic tricks, the view from the top of the mountain and a thank you for reading message.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for absolutely anyone of any age in any situation who wants to change their life for the better. There are elements of the course that I will be teaching to my young children, and I know no matter how old you are it is never too late to implement the strategies in order to live a life in tune with who you really are and who you really want to be.

What You Get

Manifestation Miracle manual containing 20+ chapters, split into 5 parts.

 A complete MP3 version if you prefer to listen to the course rather than read it. I didn’t listen to the audio at all as I prefer to read things at my own pace. The audio would be ideal for listening to in the car or on the way to work.

Abundance success workbook – this is a 69 page ebook that gives you daily exercises to follow for 3 weeks (which you will want to continually repeat the process after the 3 weeks)

20+ recap videos. One video for each chapter of the manual. This is ideal for those who prefer to watch a video rather than read the course.

The powerhouse guide for health, vitality and disease reversal – a long title but a short read. This is a 15 page ebook that explains how the mind relates to the body, and also gives further advice on mindfulness and meditation. There are a few extra strategies in here for that.

How to reboot your metabolism – this one is a 37 page ebook that explains how metabolism works and how it impacts your weight. It offers advice and strategies if you are looking to lose weight as part of your ideal manifestation.

Money mindflood system – this is a 2 and a half hour video from millionaire Mark Ling, centered around developing a millionaire mindset. It gives you 20 (I think it was 20) tips on the subject, and Mark goes into a full explanation on each. To me, this was a highly valued addition to the main course.

Unlimited success mindtrack series

Abundant wealth super mindtrack

Love and happiness super mindtrack

Health and vitality mindtrack

Endless abundance mindtrack

Love mindtrack

Romance mindtrack Weight loss mindtrack

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What Are Mindtracks?

Mindtracks are short audio recordings of affirmations. They are embedded with relaxation enhancing binaural beats. These beats help your mind to reach a deeper meditative state much faster and more effectively (up to 200 times more) than what you could do on your own.

Binaural beats are when each of your ears receives a slightly different sound frequency at the same time (you need to use headphones to listen to these). Using these two different frequencies creates a beat in the brain. This beat is the same frequency as the one the brain produces during meditation. So basically the binaural beats help you to get into a deep meditative state in order to get the most out of the mindtracks.

Pros And Cons


You get a lot for the price. The system, all of the mindtracks, money mindflood system, and all of the other guides is really good value for the price. There’s plenty in there to keep you going for a while, and almost any situation you want to change is covered.

The money mindflood system. I think this is worth the price of the course alone, but it’s just one small part of the course. It’s 2.5 hours of video with Mark Ling (self made millionaire) and goes into detail about how you can improve your financial situation starting immediately. I got a lot out of this one.


You still need to put things into action. It’s up to you to do this. Hopefully like me you’ll find the course inspiring which makes it easier to take action on it.

There is a bit of repetition throughout the course. I guess this is because it is important to reiterate the crucial elements of the system, but there were several moments when I thought I had already read that section.

My Results

I always wanted to create a website and share information and tips from my 10+ years of dealing with depression and anxiety. The problem I had was that I knew nothing about creating a website. So I always told myself it would be too hard to learn and not worth doing for that reason. Thanks to Manifestation Miracle and the money mindflood system (included in the program), I made the choice to learn how to do it. It wasn’t easy as my concentration levels are often quite low, but I persevered and eventually got a website online. The added benefit is that it produces a small side income, which means I can provide for my kids and myself a little bit better. I created additional wealth and I also gained a new skill in learning how to make a website. I also get to share with the world my experiences and tips for managing depression and anxiety. And I feel much better about myself for having achieved it. So yes, this program definitely works if you follow it and follow through with it. I was skeptical and didn’t think it would work for me, but I’m living proof that it works and that it can work for anybody.

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