You will notice on my website that there aren’t a lot of product recommendations. This is because I only recommend products that I have bought and used. I’m not interested in selling my soul to promote garbage products to try to make a buck, I would rather stick with the honest approach and only recommend products that I have had a good personal experience with. With that being said, I am writing this Panic Away review because I bought the product and found it to be very useful for helping me to get rid of panic attacks. Read on for the full review and how you can get your hands on Panic Away.

Who Is Barry McDonagh?

Barry McDonagh was a laid back person who never had issues with anxiety or panic attacks. Then as he was about to start college, he experienced his first panic attack. He quickly found himself in the panic loop (more on what that is later) and suffered greatly from both generalized anxiety and panic attacks.

After a long time spent researching and trying many different methods and strategies, he came up with the basis for what is contained in Panic Away. He no longer suffers from anxiety and anxiety attacks and has made it his mission to help as many anxiety sufferers as possible. His goal was to reach 1 million people by the end of 2021. I don’t know if he achieved this goal, but I can tell you there are many success stories from those that he did help.

What Is The Panic Loop?

panic away panic loop

According to the program, panic attacks manifest in 4 steps.

Step 1 – Bodily sensations. Pounding heart, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath and feeling dizzy are some of the sensations people feel when having a panic attack. It is not uncommon to think the worst and wonder if these sensations are something more, such as a heart attack.

Step 2 – Panic attack. When you feel the sensations mentioned in step 1, it is natural to react with fear. Not knowing what is happening to you only creates more fear. This then triggers a full panic attack.

Step 3 – High anxiety. Once the panic attack is over, it is common to feel anxiety about what just happened to you. This puts you further on edge and risks triggering another panic attack.

Step 4 – Fear of fear. This fear of having another panic attack causes you to avoid certain situations to try to eliminate the chance of another panic attack happening.

People who suffer from panic attacks and generalized anxiety often get stuck on this panic loop. They are constantly in fear of having another panic attack and they go into avoidance mode to try to alleviate their fears. This is where the 21-7 technique comes in, as it helps to break that cycle of fear and panic and allows you to find calmness and get back to living a normal life.

How Does Panic Away Work?

panic away 21-7

Does this sound familiar to you?

“I can’t be anywhere that doesn’t have an easy exit. As soon as I think I’m locked in, my heart starts pounding. I don’t like to go shopping alone, because every time I start the check-out process I feel a bit trapped, then start to feel dizzy and want to escape”.

“I’m okay with one-to-ones, but when I have to speak to more than one person I get a really uncomfortable feeling and want to get out of the room”.

It is the fear of having a panic attack that creates more anxiety and actually leads to having more panic attacks. This is called the panic loop.

According to Barry McDonagh, anxiety is not caused by a chemical imbalance as is sometimes believed. He believes it is our thoughts that cause panic attacks and general anxiety. For example, the train you are on stops between stations and the driver of the train announces that you have to wait before being able to continue. In this situation you may start to feel trapped with no escape and notice a panic attack coming on. This is your thoughts at work, rather than a chemical imbalance.

Usually, people with anxiety disorders are in a highly sensitive state. This is a theory that has over 1100 studies to back it up. People with anxiety sensitivity often interpret the physical signs of stress as the beginning of a serious health problem. For example, they may interpret a pounding heart as being the beginning of a heart attack or they may interpret a tight chest as a breathing problem or heart attack. For most people who don’t suffer from anxiety, they pay little attention to these things. But for someone who has anxiety sensitivity they can have much stronger reactions and panic.

According to Panic Away, recovery from this begins by teaching the anxiety sufferer a new way of responding to these different sensations. Once that happens, the panic loop is broken and they can return to a calmer state.

Panic Away teaches a technique they have called the 21-7 technique. The panic attacks are defeated by using a 21 second countdown and the generalized anxiety is reduced by using a 7 minute exercise.

What Is The 21-7 Technique?

The 21 second countdown (it still sounds too good to be true, but it honestly is true and effective) is broken into 4 steps:

Step 1 is to observe. Observe those familiar feelings associated with a panic attack. Be ready to respond differently to these symptoms where you no longer fight against the anxiety and panic.

Step 2 is to embrace. This is where you embrace the feelings of panic and fear and accept it into your body and mind. This reminds me of acceptance commitment therapy and what I learned in that about accepting negative feelings and thoughts in order to let them pass, rather than fighting against them.

Step 3 is to demand more. Ok, this one took a little longer to wrap my head around. Why on earth would you want more of these feelings and sensations? Demanding more allows you to move with the fear rather than fight against it. Also, demanding more is an empowering way to show the fear that you are in control of it rather than it controlling you. Your fear won’t know what to do because it is not used to being asked for more, and quickly that fear will dissipate. Although it sounds bizarre to want more fear and panic sensations, this is a very powerful part of the 21 second strategy. Once you wrap your head around it and learn to go against the grain of how you would normally respond, you will swear by this technique.

Step 4 is to trust. Trust that you are safe and trust your own body’s ability to handle the situation successfully.

Personally, I think this course is worth the price for that section alone. The ebook goes into greater detail about how to use the 21 second technique, but to me, it is well worth the price of admission as that alone can put a quick end to panic attacks.

Let me say that again – this is a 21 second, simple technique to end panic attacks. How much better will life become if you are no longer living in fear of having another panic attack? For me, using this technique has allowed me to challenge myself more and step out into situations that typically cause me great anxiety, such as being in crowded places or dealing with groups of people.

Click here to download Panic Away

Eliminating General Anxiety

This section of the course goes into detail about how to eliminate general anxiety. Basically, it covers how to combine breathing exercises, gratitude and empathy to bring about a natural state of calmness. As the name suggests, it only takes 7 minutes to do this, however you will want to do it a few times per day.

Panic Away also offers more information on reducing or eliminating general anxiety from your life. It goes into detail on the C.A.L.M method and how it can help you.

There are also other sections of the course that go into detail covering topics such as:

Dealing with unwanted anxious thoughts

Dealing with anxious bodily sensations

Dealing with morning anxiety

Dealing with insomnia and night panic (I found this section especially useful for my situation)

Dealing with phobias

Dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder

Dealing with setbacks

Anxiety medication

Pros And Cons

  • Quick support – when I purchased there was an issue with the download link. I emailed support and they got back to me and sorted out the problem within 12 hours
  • Available in multiple formats – If you are someone who prefers to watch a video rather than read an ebook you will be pleased to know that Panic Away is available in both formats
  • It is a big course – the ebook is 274 pages long (technically 269 as the last 5 pages are for notes). This may deter some people, but I can tell you that the way the course is set out and broken up into sections makes it easy to read and follow, even with low concentration levels like mine
  • Many positive customer reviews – Panic Away has been around for a while so you get the benefit of hearing what other peoples experience with it has been like
  • You still have to do the work – Just reading (or watching) the course is not enough. You need to dedicate yourself to applying what you learn in Panic Away. With that being said, applying the teachings is a fairly easy process that anyone can do.
  • 60 day money back guarantee – If your experience is like mine, there is no way you’ll be needing this. It is nice to know it’s there though, and shows that the product creator backs his product

Will Panic Away Work For Me?

While there are no concrete guarantees that it will work for anyone, I can tell you for a fact that it worked for me. After going through the course I feel so much more capable and empowered, and I feel like I can conquer the world. I’m motivated to put myself in potentially anxious situations that I’ve had trouble with in the past, because I now want to challenge myself in those situations and feel better for coming through it successfully. There is no reason why you can’t have the same results as what I did, so I highly recommend buying the course and applying what you learn from it.

Click here to download Panic Away if you are ready to eliminate anxiety and panic attacks from your life.

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