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Trintellix Review – The Truth About Trintellix

Trintellix, Brintellix or vortioxetine (why do they make them so hard to pronounce?) is one of many antidepressants I have been on during my prolonged battle against depression and anxiety. In this Trintellix review I will share some important information and facts about Trintellix as well as share my thoughts and experiences from being on this drug.

What Is Trintellix Used For?

Trintellix is an antidepressant used to treat major depressive disorder. Similar to other drugs like Prozac, Trintellix is what is known as an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) type of antidepressant.

Trintellix is also sometimes used off label to treat anxiety.

Trintellix Side Effects When Starting

A common theme among antidepressants including Trintellix, is a long list of side effects. Usually, these side effects are at their most severe when starting the drug and will subside after a few weeks. This is not always the case, so it is important that you stay in communication with your doctor if you are experiencing any side effects, both mild and severe. Some of the known side effects of Trintellix are:




Dry mouth



Weight gain

Sexual side effects

As mentioned, these side effects are often temporary and are only felt when starting Trintellix. If you are having more severe symptoms like suicidal thoughts or behaviors, then you should speak to your doctor immediately. They may take you off the drug completely, or prescribe something else to help with the side effects. Your doctor is the expert, so rely on their advice based on your personal experience with Trintellix.

Trintellix Sexual Side Effects

One of the possible side effects of Trintellix is sexual disfunction, both in men and women. Unfortunately, in research this was a common side effect of Trintellix. This side effect may go away on its own or reduce in severity, but sometimes the sexual side effect will remain for as long as you are taking Trintellix.

Does Trintellix Cause Weight Gain?

Weight gain was not reported as a side effect during clinical trials of Trintellix. Despite that, there have been some reports of people experiencing weight gain while taking Trintellix. It can’t be said for certain that this weight gain was as a direct result of taking Trintellix.

Trintellix And Alcohol

It is best not to drink alcohol while taking Trintellix. Drinking alcohol can worsen some of the side effects, and you may experience dizziness and confusion if you combine the two.

Trintellix Withdrawal Effects

You should not stop any antidepressant abruptly, as that is more likely to cause withdrawal symptoms. The dose you are taking and how long you have been taking it for also contribute to possible withdrawal effects. Under your doctors guidance, you should be tapering off the drug slowly and monitoring for any withdrawal symptoms. Common withdrawal symptoms include:

Increased irritability






Brain zaps (an electric zapping sensation in your brain)

Trintellix For Anxiety

Although Trintellix has been approved in the treatment of major depressive disorder, it can also be used off label to treat anxiety. Research has shown that taking Trintellix improved anxiety symptoms more than what a placebo did. So if you suffer from both depression and anxiety, then taking Trintellix to treat your depression may also help your anxiety too.

Trintellix Pros And Cons

There are pros and cons to consider before taking Trintellix, some of which are detailed below. This is definitely a discussion you should have with your doctor before you start taking the drug.


Weight gain is not listed as a possible side effect, unlike some other antidepressants

It can treat both depression and anxiety increasing the likelihood that it will have a positive effect for you

Initial side effects are not generally any worse than other antidepressant medications

The obvious one – it may reduce your overall depression symptoms and allow you to function much better


Being on Trintellix may lead to unwanted sexual side effects

Trintellix carries a risk of increased bleeding

Trintellix had a higher rate of nausea as a side effect during testing when compared to other antidepressant medications.

My Experience On Trintellix

It was quite a while ago when I first went on Trintellix. It was too long ago to remember the dose that I was on, but it was definitely within the normal range.

When I first started taking it, I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t suffer any nausea. I did experience a dry mouth, tiredness and mild but persistent headaches for around the first 2 weeks of taking it. These side effects weren’t severe enough to warrant coming off the medication so I stuck it out and those side effects went away after a couple of weeks.

Over time, and under my doctor’s instructions we increased the dose that I was taking, as I wasn’t feeling any improvement to my mood. I did experience unwanted sexual side effects and lost all of my sex drive as a result of being on Trintellix. Unfortunately, this side effect remained for as long as I was taking the drug and didn’t go away until a couple of weeks after stopping it altogether. I had the same experience with Prozac, but not with any other antidepressant.

Despite trying a higher dose, I never really felt any benefit of being on Trintellix, so it was decided I would come off it. Again, under my doctor’s guidance, we tapered off the medication slowly and carefully. This didn’t stop me from experiencing mild headaches and dizziness. These withdrawal side effects were not too severe so it didn’t interrupt our plan of how to withdraw from the drug.

Overall, my experience was negative in that the drug just didn’t work for me. There were some side effects, as mentioned above, but nothing too severe. It is important to remember that this is just my own experience with Trintellix, and not everyone will have this same experience. For some, it can be the antidepressant that finally helps them to get on top of their depression. Unfortunately for me, I was not one of those people.

Why I Don’t Take Antidepressants Anymore

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