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Waking Up With Anxiety – How To Manage Morning Anxiety

Waking up to morning anxiety is not a particularly fun situation to be in. It can make getting your day started a difficult task, and being overwhelmed by your anxiety is a terrible way to start the day. In this post we will look at what may be the cause of your morning anxiety and a few different options on how to manage it, or perhaps eliminate it altogether.

Why Anxiety Can Be Worse In The Morning

Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone. It comes from the adrenal glands and is released in response to stress, worry or fear. Research has been done which concluded that cortisol is at its highest level throughout the first hour after waking up.

In addition to this, a lot of the things that we worry and stress about are things that are yet to happen. We spend more time worrying about the future than we do the past. When you wake up, you have your whole day ahead of you, full of many various tasks. You have yet to achieve any of those tasks and may be feeling the stress of getting through what you need to achieve for the coming day.

The other thing that can make anxiety worse in the morning is your diet. We already know that sugar and caffeine can worsen the symptoms of anxiety, so drinking too much coffee or eating the wrong foods for breakfast in the morning may be contributing to your morning anxiety.

What Causes Morning Anxiety?

There are many possible causes of morning anxiety, and anxiety in general. We’ve already mentioned that cortisol levels are at their highest after you wake up, and also your diet can play a part. You may be suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD which makes you more prone to feeling the symptoms of anxiety. Drinking the night before can also make you more anxious the next day. You may be going through troubles at school or work or in your relationship that are causing you additional stress and are playing on your mind a lot. Life events and financial stress can also play a part. Sometimes there are underlying health issues which can also contribute to increased anxiety.

What Are The Symptoms Of Morning Anxiety?

The symptoms of morning anxiety are usually no different to the symptoms of general anxiety. Although morning anxiety is not a medical term or diagnosis, it is possible that you are suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. Some of the symptoms are:

Racing thoughts

Fatigue and tiredness


Feeling overwhelmed

Difficulty concentrating

Feeling panic attack symptoms such as tightness in the chest


How To Treat Morning Anxiety

Fortunately, there are many different treatment options available to help with anxiety.

Talk therapy is usually the first step in treating anxiety. Discuss with your doctor the symptoms you have been suffering from and what it is that you have been worrying excessively about. They may recommend further therapy such as cognitive behavior therapy, or CBT as it is known. It is a proven method for treating all sorts of anxiety and depression and doesn’t involve the use of medication. Sometimes just talking to someone, whether they are your doctor or a friend, is enough to get back on top of your anxiety.

Medication. Your doctor may prescribe you medication to treat your anxiety. Valium is the most commonly used drug to treat anxiety. Be warned however, that taking it in the morning may cause issues as the drug is known to cause drowsiness and tiredness.

Exercise is always a great way to get the good brain chemicals flowing, especially in the morning as it can help to fight the heightened cortisol levels. Exercise can help you to reduce stress and anxiety, lift your mood and allow you to concentrate better. A walk is a great way to start your day off.

Have a plan. If you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the amount of things you need to get done for the day, then write everything down the night before. Have it all planned out so that you know exactly what you need to do and in what order. As you work your way through your list you can tick each task off as you go. This will give you a greater sense of accomplishment and achievement and you will be able to see your progress towards the finish line.

Mindful meditation is also a great strategy for fighting morning anxiety, or anxiety at any time of the day. Being mindful means you are present, not with your mind buried in the future tasks of the day, but focused on the here and now. Many studies have proven the benefits of mindful meditation and that practicing it regularly is great for relieving stress and anxiety.

How I Successfully Treated My Anxiety

I have been an anxiety sufferer for over 10 years. I have been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, so it is not just first thing in the morning when my anxiety levels are high, it is pretty much the whole day. It was not a great way to live. I tried many different treatments for my anxiety but I found that no matter what I did it would eventually return and take over my life again.

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